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Canadian Tulip Festival

Canadian Tulip Festival



About Us

The Canadian Tulip Festival is the symbol of international friendship that honours and preserves the memorable role of the Canadian troops in the liberation of the Netherlands and Europe during the Second World War and it commemorates the birth of Dutch Princess Margriet in Ottawa during WWII - the only royal personage ever born in Canada.

The Canadian Tulip Festival is the longest-running and largest-attended event in Ottawa and attracts on average 750,000 in-person guests in addition to over 3,000,000 virtually. The Festival historically provides 140 million dollars to the local tourism economy annually and is one of the top 5 things that people related to when they think of the Nation's Capital.

To this day, the Festival continues to attract guests of all ages and across Canada and around the world and remains FREE to all who want to experience both beauty and commemoration of our all those who gave their lives for the sake of others.


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