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Klavan - Designed to Protect SMBs from Cyberattacks

Small Businesses, we see you!

And here is a plug-n-play cyber security solution for you, for less than what you pay for your Netflix subscription!

It is worth noting that small businesses have increasingly become targets of cyber attacks due to factors such as limited resources for cybersecurity measures and the potential for valuable data.

As you already know we pride ourselves in providing unmatched custom security solutions ...But, Klavan also understands the critical importance for businesses of all sizes to safeguard their employees, regardless of their scale.

That's why we have developed a comprehensive security solution specifically tailored for Small Businesses, catering to businesses as small as 10 employees to 100 employees.

Our unified security management solution offers out-of-the-box protection across network, mobile, endpoint, and email. You can DIY or have us manage it for you.

With industry-leading threat prevention, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and SDWAN capabilities, Klavan provides Small Businesses with a complete package that fits their specific needs.

Trust Klavan to deliver the unified security management your business needs to stay safe from cyberattacks.

We can protect:

Mobile Devices: Android and Apple
Endpoints (Laptops and Desktops): Android and Apple
Cloud Applications (Email and Collaboration Tools): Office365, Google Work Space, Teams, Slack
On-Premise Devices from: Ransomware and Phishing

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