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About Us

KLAVAN works with clients and partners to optimize practical security solutions, for your changing risk environment. KLAVAN is here to assist individuals and organizations protect their privacy, physical and digital assets.

KLAVAN Physical and Cyber Security Services is aware that there are significant gaps in the knowledge and access to even the most fundamental security needs by individuals and organizations. Security requirements are not a “one size fits all” solution. In fact, they are as unique as you, and your business, and require solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. Proper planning and awareness have been lacking in required daily security protocols. From how to plan for safe travels in different countries across the globe, to keeping your digital assets, such as, Social Media accounts safe, from malicious actors. For many individuals and organizations, Security Services have been out of reach and often perceived as an unnecessary expense. In the current climate, a large number of individuals are working from home, away from safe perimeter of the IT department. Our social and professional interactions have had a significant shift to the virtual space. We have come to rely heavily on social media for all our communication, social activities and business transactions. With all of the activity and the noise that surrounds our daily lives, security has become a necessity and an investment we can ill afford not to undertake. Security needs to become intuitive and included in our daily routine.

Thankfully, practical and affordable solutions are available


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