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Perfect Policies


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Every organization has administrative policies that govern employee behaviour, but often they are long and confusing, and written in a way that sounds like angry parents yelling at naughty children. Getting compliance with your policies and standards under these conditions is an uphill battle.

But imagine what might happen if your policies were written in a more respectful tone of voice. Imagine your corporate policies being a collaborative effort instead of a power struggle around enforcement. Changing the dynamics of your rule-making will make your workplace more pleasant and less confrontational.

Lewis Eisen, B.A., J.D., C.I.P. is a former practising lawyer and an expert in policy writing. He has worked in both private industry and government, and is passionate about improving respect in the workplace. To this end, he encourages the writers of administrative policies, terms and conditions, and other corporate communications to learn and adopt the same neutral language used when drafting legislation.

Well-written policy documents are clear, concise, and respectful. Let us help.

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