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RA Centre

RA Centre


Not for Profit

About Us

A member supported not-for-profit organization, the Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada (best known as the RA or RA Centre) operates a multi-sport, recreation and leisure facility, conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa. With over 22,000 members, there is no other operation in Ottawa that matches the scope of activities and memberships of the RA. The RA offers over 50 member activities including an extensive range of sports, recreation, fitness and leisure for individuals of all ages. The RA is the destination to add great experiences to your life in a safe environment that values fun, respect and excellence. The RA Centre offers the convenience of an on-site restaurant, coffee shop, outdoor patio, conference rooms for meetings, weddings and banquets, and the services of a Physio and Massage Therapy Clinic.

Being a member of the RA is like having a home away from home. Members are dedicated, social and fun people seeking a lifestyle that includes health and wellness. The RA community represents the “real” social network by providing sport, recreation, health and meeting opportunities for members and guests.

The RA is home to the House of Sport – The House of Sport can be described as an innovation centre of sport. The positive synergy and connections gained by a community of distinct organizations working together benefit member organizations and the Canadian sport community. Working under one roof, this collaborative hub creates opportunities for sharing costs, best practices, business development opportunities and communication networks.


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