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About Us

Terry Ledden is a 20 year award winning member of the internationally recognized Sandler Training organization. His portfolio of consulting and training solutions deliver lasting sustainable sales change and results growth addressing sales challenges like:

? Weak pipelines
? Dependence on concessions to win biz
? Salespeople can’t execute
? Sales new hires fall short
? Deals slip or fail to close
? Can’t trust the sales forecast
? Flat or low sales growth
? Excuse making

His approach and portfolio of solutions includes:

? Identifying the underlying – hidden impediments to sales growth
? Developing tailored targeted – priority sales acceleration initiatives
? Specialist in long term, sustainable sales growth and behaviour change
? Competency and Behaviour Assessments
? DISC Behavioural Assessments
? Pursuit – Opportunity Management Sales Process consulting and training
? Complex enterprise sales process and training
? Negotiation Process and skills training
? Sales Staffing and Interview process and training


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