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You might be asking yourself, what is a Habit Development Coach? It’s a fair question, but I don’t help you develop bad habits. You are probably pretty good at that on your own.

However, if you’re a high-achieving professional, I can help you unlock 5 hours per week to build better business habits.

Three years ago I began developing habits in self-management around my time, energy and mind. Experimenting with different challenges, reading research papers and books from industry leaders, I developed a proficiency in habit development that I applied to optimize my productivity.

As a coach, I work with high-achievers to unlock 5 hours per week in their busy calendar to make their vision a reality. By focusing on 3 distinct area's to increase your output and achieve greater results.

Time-Management: End Noise And Distraction.
Energy Management: Eliminate Draining Activities.
Mind-Management: Erode Stress and Overwhelm.

I provide 1-on-1 coaching packages for professionals seeking to develop their self-management skills. I focus on taking back control of your life and work so that you can spend time on what’s meaningful to you.

I am available to speak about time-management, procrastination or habit development. For large group lectures or intimate workshops, I'd love to be a part of your next conference or professional networking.

If your work provides autonomy over your time and relies on your performance to succeed, then set up a call today.

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Scott Rust
Habit Development Coach